I would argue

Men of the Light Horse. Photographs taken between 1939 and 1940. 

During the First World War, Light Horse regiments had fought as chiefly as Infantry, some minor engagements had been fought from horseback, but for the major part of the war, the horses were mainly used for speedy transportation and scouting missions. During the inter-war period, the 1st AIF was disbanded and a Citizen’s Force was implemented. Highly unpopular compulsory enlistment schemes led to drastically reduced numbers, however Light Horse regiments still remained in rural areas, using the same equipment from the 1914-18 war. Budget cuts during the depression, and workers’ fears of losing their civilian employment when away training also kept numbers low. By the mid to late 1930’s Defence spending was gradually increased, with efforts to double the size of the CMF in 1938, as the prospect of another war drew near. By 1939, around 80,000 men were serving on a part time basis. Equipment shortages still remained however, and when war did break out in September of 1939, the CMF was by no means an effective fighting force. As it become apparent that future engagements would no longer be conducted from horseback, Light Horse Regiments were retrained and reformed as Motorised, Armoured or Machine Gun Regiments. 

Australian War Memorial

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